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We Brave Sports Foundation try to solve the problems of the poor and helpless kids in our country. our organizations attend to village problems, agricultural development, health care, education, women and children’s problems and other social matters etc. Our organisation is formed by the people and is served to the people, by the people.We can change the world with love and peace. No matter from which part of this country they have come but the motto of the organisation is to serve them in their capacity. Our organization has done some instrumental work in terms of training and capacity building of volunteers from organizations working at the grassroots level on the issues pertaining to the education of the children. We work in difficult conditions and are contributing immensely towards humantiy. We provide information and technical expertise to governments and international organizations on various international issues. We on our part must contribute to them by way of help, manually or financially.


Bushra Ali

I am very happy to introduce Brave Sports Foundation ia a Indian non-profit based Organization. On behalf of Brave Sports Foundation, I welcome you all. With such aims and objectives, it was established having strong message for the various purpose, to do something for the growth of our country in various segments for the development of India.

We always welcome support offered in any way, please feel free to visit us and join our activities at any time.We are very grateful for the support that we get from many individual people that make our work possible.


Fazil Khan
Shadab Begum